Friday, September 12, 2014

Vegan Mofo - Joel Fuhrman

Joel Fuhrman calls his diet plan a "nutritarian" lifestyle.
His focus is on getting the maximum amounts of nutrients from the foods we eat. 
And whilst he recommends largely avoiding animal foods, his books are not completely "vegan".

If you're interested in his 6 week Eat-To-Live plan you can find details about it here.

For a great summary chart that is easy to understand and refer to I recommend checking out Amy's Nutritarian Kitchen.

I have personally found it a little difficult to completely stick to the Eat to Live plan and sure do favour having some added starch to my meals. Snacks are also forbidden on his plan, and not that I'm a big snacker, but I don't mind having one occasionally. I hear many many success stories of people who have lost a lot of weight following his plan. Perhaps I haven't enjoyed his plan as much because I have never needed to lose a large amount of weight.
Even with me not completely following his recommended plan, I find that his books are filled with some wonderful recipes, and lots of information too.
I have enjoyed reading his concept of 'true hunger' and found that particularly helpful.

I am lucky enough to have the privilege of borrowing several other books of his from our local library too, all of which I have enjoyed reading.  

I also enjoy following his Disease Proof blog for things that are not only about diet but other areas of lifestyle/health too, such as sunscreens

Now for some recipe trials:
This chocolate "green" smoothie in the Book Eat to Live is my all time favourite smoothie. I have even run this by a few others who are not "green smoothie" fans and it gets their tick of approval too!

Below is "Eggplant Cannelloni" from the Eat to Live Cookbook.

Sorry for the terribly messy picture! It truly was amazingly delicious. 
It's a little fiddly to prepare but well worth the effort.
I think it could be made to look quite presentable when each roll is served on a plate and would look like quite a fancy dish.

You can find more information about Joel Fuhrman and his recommendations on his website here
I have previously joined the member centre and found it to be most helpful. There are a ton of recipes with reveiws from other members, as well as playbacks of many talks given by Dr Fuhrman. 
I also recommend visiting his daughters website - Talia Fuhrman. She has wonderful recipes, interesting interviews, hints & tips about chemical free makeup, and is just all round encouraging. She also has a book due out very soon. 


  1. Hi Sandy
    Thanks for highlighting Dr Fuhrman's work. He has been a positive influence on me; not least through his engaging and easy presentational style and his passion for health.
    For me, his contribution is the idea of 'nutrient density' and how he emphasises greens. I have this in mind when I prepare my mostly starchy meals.
    IT is my understanding that Dr F has released a newer book which allows for more starch?
    Also helpful is one of his earlier books on fasting - which contains the early blueprint of his diet.
    Somehow Dr F finds himself out on a bit of a lonely limb with regard to the family of plant based doctors? Not sure why but am glad for his inclusion here.

    1. Thanks for sharing that. I will definitely look into his newer books and see what I can find. Is that in the book "The End of Dieting" - I am yet to read that one (hoping our library will get it!).
      I must admit that I'm very mindful of greens when cooking too and I have Dr F to thank for that! If I feel that the meal isn't 'green' enough then there will be a salad beside it lol
      So true your point about him being a bit isolated from the other plant-doctors, I wonder if it's because of his 'allowance' of animal products whereas all the other doctors I know say avoid them altogether because it only tempts your taste buds! ~interesting~

  2. nice post. My aunt and her partner follow the Eat to Live diet, and my cousin and her husband followed the weight loss plan and both lost a lot of weight. They don't stick to it strictly anymore, but they still eat that way a lot of the time.

    1. So pleased to hear of more people that his books have helped :-)

  3. I'm intrigued by that eggplant cannelloni! What a great idea. I'm not very familiar with Dr Fuhrman's work but have heard others rave about it for weight loss, which isn't really my focus, but it sounds like there's a lot of good material for general health too.

    1. Yes I am in the same boat as not needing it for weight loss but when looking from a 'health' perspective he definitely shares some great info.
      The eggplant cannelloni is so so delicious - we make it regularly now that we've tried it and loved it so much :-)

  4. I've got a couple of Joel Furhmann's books and have found them a great resource. I didn't know his daughter had a website. Thanks for the heads up. I look forward to checking it out x

    1. So glad I could point you in that direction :-)

  5. great to hear a bit more about the eat to live diet - sounds like your library has a good range of books - must check out if ours has some of the books you recommend - though I think I would have seen many of them by now if it did

    1. Yes i often look online at the other libraries around to see what I can order in from other places too :-)
      Not a huge range, but enough to keep my going back!!!!