Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vegan Mofo - Dr John McDougall

I am a massive McDougall fan!
John McDougall is so passionate about eating well. His diet-plan is based around starches. It is probably fair to say that the way I, and my family eats, is most inline with his approach more than any other views. And we think it works wonders :-)  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to him talk! If I had to pick just ONE of his talks to share with you I'd be devastated as all of them are so valuable - so instead here's a link to his youtube channel and if you're interested then you can pick out what takes your fancy!
He talks with such passion & has a don't-take-garbage attitude. He knows his stuff and isn't scared to say what is true even when others don't approve. I just LOVE it! 

My most favourite quote of his is this, "People love to hear good news about their bad habits." And yes, that applies to dietary habits as well as many other habits too ;-)

I have previously written a review of his most recent book The Starch Solution
And I could talk for hours on end about all the things John McDougall has said that have sunk deep into my memory......

But today I'm here to share with you some recipes. 
These 2 cookbooks have recently become favourites of mine. I purchased them just a few months ago and they are actually cookbooks that I already regularly use.
The recipes are practical & easy enough for every day use. And, well, since I am following a McDougall way of eating then I don't need to alter the recipes in anyway - which is handy for those days when you don't feel like thinking or don't have the time for a substitution to go wrong.
The ingredients are everyday items that we regularly have on hand too so when it's 5pm and I haven't made a weekly meal plan & can't think what to make for dinner then these always provide a meal that is delicious & easy. 
Pictured above on the left is "Spicy Bulgar" from the Quick & Easy Cookbook, and on the right "Cuban Black beans" from the New McDougall Cookbook.

Below I show you "Banana Milk" being poured onto my breakfast. Another fantastic recipe. This is a super delicious alternative to packaged non-dairy milks.

One of the things I love most about these recipes is that often they are just 'ideas' put onto paper. They really are so simple and yet things that make meals so much easier. Often the 'recipes' are ones that stick in your mind so you don't need to go back and see them each time. 

You can check out all things McDougall related at their website here.
It is an amazing resource. I also highly recommend signing up for their monthly newsletter. The search function on the website will find you anything you're looking for and it goes back a loooooooong time with great information. 
Recently they have added a booklet about "Food Poisoning" and it is FANTASTIC! So simple to understand and yet vital truths everyone should read. It's sad to think that the reality is that the way most people eat truly is "poisoning" them. 
The FREE 10 day program is a great place to start if you are looking to improve your health by a starch-based diet. I know I will never look back from this amazing lifestyle. I am quite pleased to call myself a "starchivore"! I love that term - hehe. I hope to one day have the privilege of attending one of his programs in America. I think I'll cry tears of joy if I get to meet him in real life!!!!!!!!


  1. So much to thank Dr McDougall for, and his passion and commitment to improving the health of as many people as possible is wonderful.

    You have a great collection of his books!

  2. These books, and recipes, sound great :-) It's such a relief when I see starches favoured too! The low carbohydrate approach never made sense to me!

    1. Yes yes exactly, esp when you consider that our brains run on carbs ;-)

  3. I always find it much more powerful when I listen to these guys explaining their philosophy rather than reading it as text. Can't wait to check out McDougall's YouTube channel x

    1. Yes that's so true! Dr McD is my favourite - you can definitely see his passion in his talks - often people refer to him as being in 'rant mode' hehe - I LOVE his rant mode!!!!!! ;-)