Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIAW - On a Tuesday

This weeks What-I-Ate-Wednesday post happens to be about what I ate on Tuesday.

Mainly because I have wanted to share this 'yogurt' recipe for sometime and doing it this way actually prompted me to get motivated to do it!

But first..... here's what I ate yesterday:
Pawpaw yogurt with oats, flax and passionfruit for breakfast.
     Roasted sweet potato with refried beans and salsa, and kale chips for lunch.
            Spinach noodle and shiitake mushroom peanut stir-fry for dinner.

Paw Paw Yogurt

In a blender combine:
1 cup frozen paw paw pieces
1/3 cup frozen raspberries
1 Tablespoon probiotic
1/2 cup plant milk (more or less depending on your blender)

Blend til smooth and thick.
Serve straight away.

There is something about the tang of the raspberries mixed with the creaminess of the paw paw that makes this so similar to yogurt!

I'm not a huge fan of pawpaw by itself, though it does bring back fond memories of my grandmother! She used to serve us pawpaw for dessert when we stayed over in the school holidays.
I must admit that most people I ask say that pawpaw is not their favourite taste. 
Thankfully, in this recipe you can't really taste the pawpaw itself! 

Question of the day:
Do you like pawpaw?
If so, what is your favourite way to serve it?  


  1. I don't know if I like Pawpaw or not! It's not a word we use here in my part of the U.S. I googled it, and some sites say that it's another word for Papaya (which I LOVE, but which is very hard to get here in edible condition - it is easy to get ones that were harvested WAY too early). Other sites say that it's a fruit native to my part of the US - but which I've never seen before!

    What is a Pawpaw in Australia?

    1. Yes paw paw and papaya are the same thing just called different name depending on where you are located! Bit like capsicum vs pepper!!!!!!
      Its not available year round here, but just a summer treat.

  2. This is great Sandy!! I will have to give it a try. It reminds me of a cross between the frozen fruit ice creams I like to make and yoghurt - and the paw paw addition is great as I have never tried that in ice cream or smoothies or 'yoghurt'. Thanks for the idea :)

    1. Welcome! Hope you like it :-) I love pawpaw blended!

  3. Love the colour of your frozen yoghurt! I haven't heard of Paw Paw before but, like Anna mentioned, I think it might be what we call 'Papaya' here. I've never bought fresh papaya before as it's pretty expensive. I'll have to check out whether it's available frozen.
    I'm a bit addicted to peanut stir fries at the moment. Such a tasty, quick prep meal... perfect for busy week day nights :)
    Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day ♥ xx

    1. Yes same thing just called different :-)
      I have never seen it frozen here, or at least not by itself but rather in a big mix of frozen fruit for smoothies. I just enjoy it when its fresh anyway
      have a great week xxx