Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIAW - A week worth of Breakfast!

Today is Wednesday.
On Wednesday I usually take a picture of what I eat for each meal.
I did that last week.
Last week I realised that nearly every Wednesday its oats for breakfast, salad for lunch, leftovers or slow cooker meal for dinner.
I realised that is boring to post the same thing each week.
I decided that instead of doing that this week I would instead share with you.......

A week worth of Breakfast!

Since I'm such a big breakfast lover of course..... but that does not mean I'm a morning person! If it wasn't for breakfast then I think I could spend all morning in bed!
I also tend to have oats every weekday morning and pancakes every weekend.
This week I decided I would have some other types of breakfast.... ~some~

So here's a collection of all my breakfast's for the past week -->

A breakfast wrap:
Hmmmmm, that doesn't really show much does it - let's unwrap and try again.....
A wrap with banana, goji berries, macadamia spread & cinnamon.

Brown rice with blueberries, banana, flax seeds & cinnamon:

Wholemeal waffles with strawberry jam & passionfruit:

Wholemeal english muffin with fig jam & strawberries:

Blueberry banana pancakes with maple syrup:

Sometimes you just need the day to start with chocolate!
A smoothie always hits the point!
I knew I couldn't last a whole week without oats!!!
Last but definitely not least....... Oats with apple, strawberries and cinnamon:

Questions of the day:

Are you a breakfast person or not?
Are you a morning person or not?


  1. I'm not a morning person at all, but I love breakfast, can't live without it!
    Those pancakes look huge! I guess I need to make some for myself really soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I'm a big breakfast fan. I just couldn't function without it! Like you, I tend to have oats on weekdays and pancakes at weekends. Occasionally I'll have a chocolate banana oaty smoothie. Oh and I love Swiss muesli too!
    I love the look of all your breakfasts. The waffles are especially calling to me. I'm going to have to put a waffle press on my birthday list ;)

  3. Hmmm... yum. These all look delicious. I'm totally a breakfast person. Lately I've been having savory meals, but my heart lies with the sweets and carbs :)

    I want a pancake! Those look so thick :)

  4. What great breakfast ideas! Your waffle looks beautiful :)

  5. I want all of your breakfasts :) I'd take them at any time of day!