Friday, February 8, 2013

In My Kitchen - February

Thanks to Kari from Bite Sized Thoughts I have found another great blog party that I've decided to join!
Thanks to Celia from
Fig Jam and Lime Cordial blog for coming up with such an awesome idea as In my Kitchen!

I TOTALLY love this idea.
Probably because I'm a kitchen lover!!!

So for February there is-

A nearly empty packet of Tetley Tea for Soy - not because I've suddenly become a big tea drinker, but because I've discovered that black tea makes for an awesome hair conditioner! 
Sounds funny I know - but seriously give it a try! Brew a cup of black tea & allow it to cool. After shampooing (either with regular shampoo or an alternate "no poo" method), dip the ends of your hair into the tea cup to soak up some of the tea. Rinse it through your hair. Pour the remainder of the tea onto the top of your head too. This will leave your hair really shiny and smooth and will make it easy to brush :-)

There is also purple kitchen items

I was so excited when I individually unwrapped each of these purple gadgets at Christmas from my husband.
I'm quite particular about my favourite kitchen gadgets and which ones to use for each different purpose. But I must admit that these are rapidly becoming my favourites!
I have used all of these things except for the cookie cutters & I LOVE them all.

It took me a while to decide that purple was my favourite colour! You see I had a lot of trouble deciding which I liked better between pink or purple!
But yes, purple has come out on top. I think when I decided to have the decorations for my birthday party last year in purple that was official confirmation!!!

Simon Bryant's Vegies Book -

I am a big fan of the TV series "The Cook and The Chef". Simon & Maggie are great to watch! You can definitely tell that Simon loves his vegies! This guy is awesome! All his recipes are so different. Such creative ways of serving foods! I love the paper in this book - hahaha is that weird - I don't know how to describe it - its just so woody and exactly the way a cookbook should be. The pictures are amazing!

There is also an Electric Wok
Our amazing neighbours so generously gave this to us! 
IT IS AWESOME! Our kitchen has an electric stove top which makes using a standard wok quite hard - this electric wok works amazing!!!!
Don't be fooled by all the wrapping and think that I haven't put it to good use - that's just there to keep it looking nice & new all the time! I tend to do that with kitchen appliances - keep them in their box or wrapping to try and preserve their life a bit!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for his book for YEARS!!! I love the cook and chef, they have such great chemistry together and it's not fake like lots of cooking shows- Just ordered it. Can't wait! wheeeee :D Thanks for the heads up gorgeous x

    Oh and I'm totally trying the tea tip. Do you no-poo?
    Purple is my fave too. I'm keep on the really dark or really light purples.

    1. YES YES YES!!!! Hubby and I have often said that you can't just grab 2 random people and hope that a cooking show will work out!
      I alternate between no-poo and shampoo as I'm trying to use up our abundant supply (thanks to a friend who works where we could get heaps of bottles!).
      And yep - seems we agree on purple shades too! ;-) xxx

  2. I'm so glad you're participating Sandy :-) It was great to have a peak into your kitchen and those purple utensils are fantastic! I love the tea for hair idea too - who knew?! I've never heard of that vegies book but it sounds like I'd love it!

    1. Thanks for linking me in!!!!
      I swear it's so much more fun when you can use purple things to cook with ;-)

  3. I must investigate Simon's book. Welcome to IMK.

    1. Thanks! The book is a goodie - some uncommon ingredients used though I must admit!

  4. Sandy, thanks for playing! How fabulous to peek in your kitchen - I didn't know about the tea, and I'm in love with your purple utensils! :)