Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lazy Day Lunch

Some days I'm just not so hungry at lunch time. 
And other days, I'm super hungry in the afternoon.

I love this little treat for either of those occasions.

Topped with hummus,
Sundried Tomatoes
and mixed salad leaves of choice

Here's what I use and why I love them:

Ryvita Crispbread
These crispbread come in 3 varieties - Original Rye, Sesame Rye and Multigrain.
They are made using only wholegrain ingredients. Their ingredient list is minimal. They are low salt and high fibre. 

SSS Foods Hommus
This is my favourite brand of hommus. They are oil free which is a HUGE plus on my list. They come in 3 flavours- Natural, Fresh Chilli, and Coriander, Cumin & Mild Chilli which is my personal favourite.

Sandhurst Sun-dried Tomatoes
Again, here is another oil free product. These sun dried tomatoes are air packed & not sitting in oil. They are really moist and delicious, even without the oil. They do dry out a little after the packet is opened but they can easily be freshened up by soaking in boiling water for a few minutes.

I LOVE discovering oil free convenience foods. And whilst I don't like to promote a convenience diet, I think it's handy to know there are products out there that are good to use when those emergency times call for it!

If you're interested in discovering why I follow an oil-free diet you can read about it at these links:
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  1. This looks like a tasty snack any time of day! I make my own hummus oil free, but I've never seen an oil free one in the shops. We go through so much hummus in a week, that I tend to buy a couple of pots as well as make my own. We're really into Moroccan flavoured hummus at the moment. It's got a really lovely, warming, sweet/spicy flavour ♥

    1. That's a really good idea to make your own when you go through so much. I have seen some Moroccan flavoured ones but not tried any yet :-)

  2. I have been enjoying wraps at work - easy to make and very tasty. However I tend to put too much in my wrap and have trouble folding it!!

    1. Mmmmm wraps are so easy and so enjoyable. Lol - glad i'm not the only one with folding troubles for that reason ;-)