Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love Bites

This is a really simple recipe that can be made up with no fuss in no time at all.
Its easy to alter the quantity to make as many or as few as you please.

These are a winner to everyone tastes buds so bite away!!! ;-)

You'll need:
--> a packet of round gow gee pastry  (just be careful to double check that it doesn't contain egg as some brands do)
--> mixed dried fruit
--> grated dark vegan chocolate

Simply place a teaspoon of dried fruit in the center of the pastry along with a sprinkling of the grated chocolate.
Gather all the edges of the pastry and gently press together til a bundle is formed.
Repeat process for as many bites as you desire.
With a basting brush, gentle coat the pastries with a bit of water (you could also use mik if you rather.)
Bake in a 200C oven for 12 mins until lightly golden brown.

The chocolate insides will melt to be soft & warm......... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
sooooooooooooo good!

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