Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIAW and a Product Review

Happy Wednesday to all my readers :-)

Today I'm not only going to share with you What-I-Ate but also one of my favourite products.

Recipe links:
Lunch - Cabbage Shiitake Stirfry
Dessert - Chocolate ice cream

Now let me share with you a product that I totally LOVE:

This is such a great alternative to oats for breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I do love my oats but sometimes I like something different. 
This porridge is just brown rice (in flake form) with dried fruit. No added nasties. 
Its cooks really quickly and tastes delicious (even when cooked just with water).  It totally ticks all the boxes - low fat, high fibre, low salt, no additives, and made in Australia by an Australian owned company. Its also gluten free for those who need that option. Its readily available in the health food section of grocery stores & is very reasonably priced.

Put it in your grocery trolley this week and I promise you won't be disappointed! :-)
I first tried this porridge when I initially went vegan. I was won over straight away, however I did used to put quite a bit of brown sugar on it - which I realise now was my massive sweet tooth that I previously had! I still LOVE this porridge but I am now pleased to say that I am perfectly satisfied with the sweetness coming just from the dried fruit!
Isn't it amazing how our taste buds can change over time?!?

Question of the day: 
Have you noticed that your taste buds have changed over time? 
Did you do something to help that process or did it just occur naturally?


  1. Want that ice cream please! :)

    My taste buds totally change over time. The sensitivity to salt and sugar are the most noticeable, basically eating less make them more sensitive, eating more numbs them.

    I've never tried the rice porridge... too many oats upset my tum and I like a bit of texture so I tend to pick buckwheat but this sounds something I might try- thanks! x

    1. I definitely agree salt & sugar :-)

      I think you might like this rice porridge then because it doesn't get soft and mushy like oats do - its retains quite a bit of texture!