Monday, May 20, 2013

In My Kitchen - May

This month's edition is bought to you by the letter "M"...
Hang on, wait - that sounds a bit like Sesame Street doesn't it......?!?!?

thought I'd post some of my favourite "M" things for May's In My Kitchen.

I must be honest and admit that I do have a bit of a fettish for kitchen bits and pieces and both mugs and measuring cups fall into that category!
I love having a big range of mugs to drink from. 
Here are some of my favourites currently in my mug cupboard: These are my standard tea & coffee mugs. I use them when I'm just having a drink by myself.  These cow mugs were picked from the shop by my daughter who is obsessed with cows. We have these when we're having a cup of tea together and are sometimes used when I have a friend over.
Here's 2 mugs that my daughter and I painted for each other :-) We take these to a coffee shop when we go out for a special treat together. I'm sure the people making our drink have a bit of a chuckle! We also use these for having hot chocolate.
Anything pink and French falls into my 'like' category! These are just too cute - and the perfect size for a cup of tea I must add!
This set (of 3!) is my most favourite set! These are for special occasions - so know that if you visit and you get served your hot drink in these cups then know that you are very important to me and that I value our friendship!!! ;-)
If I ever see this range available again I will buy a 4th just to complete the set!

Now onto measuring cups!
There are so many different types of ones you can get & I find them all so lovely and fascinating.
Here's what's currently in my cooking drawer:
This purple set formed part of my Christmas gift from my husband which was many purple kitchen items! I sure didn't need any extra measuring cups but they sure get used!!!!
I'm instantly attracted to a bright range of colours so I couldn't resist purchasing these ones! 
This set is really handy for baking with because it has teaspoon and tablespoon measurements on the ends!
This set is great for travelling - they all hold together with a mini ring clip. They are also great for measuring when you need to pour - eg. when a recipe calls for each waffle to use 1/2 cup!
This set comes from Tupperware!
Its so practical because it also has 3/4 cup and 2/3 measurements which not many sets contain.
This set is just way too cute! I just LOVE them!

Question of the day:
Do you have a special mug that you like to use for warm drinks?

Next month I hope to have a new blender to show you since our one broke on Friday!

You can share inside your kitchen on the Fig Jam and Lime Cordial blog. Thanks again to Celia for hosting! 


  1. What a gorgeous "M" themed IMK post, Sandy! I love your mug collection - I have a weakness for them too - and Pete keeps weeding them out so that my favourites remain on the shelf! :) And that last set of measuring cups is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. haha - thanks! Yes nice to have the favourites close by!!!

  2. You really do have a good collection of mugs and measuring cups! I'm impressed. I especially love that mug set of three...such a beautiful pattern and that style of cup and plate is really cute :)

  3. Now I know where to go for a measuring cup, or two !!! These are the ones I want to buy, they are a little pricy , perhaps for a birthday!!

    In fact I love the Nigella mixing bowls too. Love the colours !

    Whilst you have a thing for mugs, I love bowls and find myself buying more when I don't really need them. However my son took 8 bowls tonight, so now I have space to buy more!! I love kitchen stores:))))

    1. hehehehe oh thanks so much for sharing!
      I love the look of those Nigella cups and bowls! She uses ones like that on her shows!!!
      Glad you have someone to pass your kitchen things onto ;-)
      My sister often gets my hand-me-downs!!!

  4. This post made me smile so much :) You are definitely a girl after my own heart ;) One day I'll have to get round to photographing my favourite cups & mugs to share with you...
    And on the subject of measuring cups, you should have seen my husband's face when he spotted a third set that had arrived in the post this week. He thinks I have some weird fetish for them. Can't wait to show him your amazing collection... mine pales in comparison ;)

    1. hehehee glad i'm not the only one with a fetish for them!!!!!!
      Yes I would love to see your collection one day! :-)

  5. What a impressive collection of mugs and measuring cups! I love Jemima Puddle-Duck most but the cows and your mother and daughter ones are also very cute.