Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vegan Mofo - Forks Over Knives

I have previously written about my love of the Forks Over Knives cookbook and well yes, I think I still have to say that it's my most favourite vegan cookbook EVER.

In my collection of Forks Over Knives books I've also included the cookbook "Better than Vegan" by Del Sroufe as he made the recipes for the Forks Over Knives Cookbook. 
I love his book equally as much as the FOK cookbook. 

His recipes are all oil-free, just as the FOK cookbook recipes are, and they use nuts sparingly which is great for our household. I have made quite a few recipes and they are tasty and easy to prepare. A note though, there are several recipes that call for another recipe in the book to already be pre-made, so it's not always easy to pick this book up for last minute inspiration.

The Forks Over Knives companion is another of my favourites (ok, I admit that I have so many favourites that it's probably just confusing you by now lol).

It's a wonderful combination of information and recipes. 
I was soooo excited when this book came out years ago and I read it cover to cover. It's easy to read & understand and the recipes are all delicious with many coming from well-known names in the plant-based world. No photographs of food though, which thankfully was changed for the actual cookbook. Not all recipes include pictures but there are several photograph sections throughout the book.... enough to tempt you! 

Pictured here is "Vegetable White Bean Hash".
This was such a quick and easy dish with basic ingredients and yet the combination of a few different seasonings that I wouldn't normally think to use made it taste just amazing. The bright colours are just so appealing too!

We regularly have the "Eggplant Moussaka" and I pretty much remember the recipe by heart without having to refer to the book! It's fair to say that it's one of our household favourites.
I have tweaked it a bit though, leaving out the nuts and using more tomato than the recipe calls for.
But for the pictures below I stayed true to the recipe (excluding the nuts), a very rare occasion when cooking in my kitchen lol!
There are several layers to this dish so it does take some time to prepare but it's not difficult to make. And to be honest, I love that feeling of knowing I've made the 'whole' of the dish. It's truly so satisfying!
It might look messy but it is an incredibly tasty & satisfying dish.

A new book to add to the FOK collection is to be released next week. 

The Forks Over Knives plan is a guide to making a plant-based diet do-able in your own life. Although I feel as though I well and truly have this way of eating mastered I'm still very keen to get this book and check it out. 
I am a lover of all things Forks Over Knives really!!!!
It's the very documentary that encouraged my husband to change his diet so it really does have a special place in my heart!

If you haven't watched this documentary then I highly recommend you view it (link only available in the U.S sorry).
The connections between diet and disease are irrefutable. And not from what would be considered diets that are necessarily 'largely' based on animal products, but even as little as 20% of calories coming from animal protein. I remember seeing the chart on cancer growth with comparisons of 5% vs 20% and was shocked. The best news of all, the cancer growth didn't happen when that 20% of calories from protein came from plant protein...... even the dreaded "soy protein" that everyone seems to have a phobia of these days!
So eat your beans my friends!!!! :-) 

And if you need even more recipes and information you can also purchase the Forks Over Knives recipe app here (currently only for Apple products, Android still being developed).
I have only had the app a few weeks and am yet to cook from it, but recipes are being added frequently and it looks like it is a handy app for those who prefer to use electronic devices for viewing recipes/cooking from.

Last but not least, the Forks Over Knives website is AMAZING.
SO much information, encouraging stories, and tasty recipes. I visit it regularly.

Have you seen the documentary Forks Over Knives?


  1. Great review :) I haven't checked out the book yet but those meals look fantastic and right up my alley!

    1. Thanks. Obviously, I can't recommend them highly enough ;-)

  2. As you know my son lives this book. And yes, I've watched the DVD.

    I just picked up Skinny Bitch feel the library, looks great.

    1. So pleased he has found the FOK cookbook as great as I have!
      It's always nice to hear when you recommend something that the person enjoys it too!

  3. I really want to find the documentary so I can watch it - I have heard so many great things and love the sound of it, but have never been able to find it! It sounds like the cookbooks are worthwhile too :)

    1. We have a "health" cafe not far from us that sells copies of it, but other than that I've not seen it very much here. Though, I think JB will get them if you request - not sure about UK though now. It has been MASSIVE in the States! We really need a movement like that to happen here!

  4. I really enjoy this cookbook, it is a welcome addition to my collection to help balance out some of the more extravagant meals I make from other books!

    1. So pleased to hear of someone who enjoys this book :-)

  5. that eggplant moussaka looks delicious - enough to show me that the books are worth a look