Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In (and out) My Kitchen - November


Well this is a bumper edition that's for sure!
I not only have several things IN my kitchen to show you, but also several things that have gone OUT of my kitchen!

I have been attempting to reduce our clutter & with that comes parting with some kitchen items that no longer are used as frequently as they should be.

These include a bread maker and a yogurt maker (to name a few):
I never had much luck making dairy free yogurt despite several attempts.

And so that brings me to a few new food items that I have in my kitchen to try:
One being coconut yogurt.
This is a new product available at Woolies.
Its delicious! But quite high in fat and a bit costly. 

Unrefined sugar to cook with - replaces raw sugar in recipes. Not necessarily a "new" thing for me, but I do tend to refer to 'raw sugar' in recipes even when I'm using an equivalent unrefined sugar.
I picked up this range of McDougall Right Foods from Coles. I was soooooooo excited that they stocked them! I LOVE that these have no added oils. I haven't actually tried any yet. My husband tried the lentil soup and said it was ok. Again, on the costly side but worth it to have healthy convenience foods for when they are needed. I have the remaining items in my drawer at work for one morning when I don't make lunch!
And peanut butter cacao spread which I also picked up from Coles. 
To be honest, I would much rather just have plain peanut butter. This didn't tickle my fancy! But my daughter LOVES it.

I also have a bag of Mrs Mays snacks. These are soooooooooo delicious. Made using whole ingredients these are a healthy snack and although they look small, just 2 pieces is actually quite filling, so I'm very pleased with how long this bag has lasted us!
In my kitchen is this vegan Christmas pudding that is waiting til next month when it will be devoured! Also purchased from Coles & especially marked "vegan" - gotta love that!!!
Its nice to have a little one for our family when it is time to share a Christmas meal with our extended family. I'm sure I will have enough other food I need to make without adding Christmas pudding to the list!!!!

In My Kitchen is a range of new teas that I have purchased and am looking forward to trying:

In my kitchen is this bag of rocket seeds that I'm waiting to plant. We are running short of pots in our yard. I feel a Bunnings trip coming up soon! 
On my kitchen window sill is this little basil plant that we've grown from a seed :-)
It is due to be transferred to our garden anytime soon, where it can joint the other basil that is growing!

Our pot of basil!
Which brings me to some other things OUT of my kitchen that will hopefully one day come IN!
Capsicum plant
We have several edible items growing around our garden at the moment. Since we don't have any lawn they all need to be in pots. I can take NO credit whatsoever for our garden because I do not have any green thumbs on my body at all! My hubbie does all the gardening work! I'm quite proud of his effort! Its so incredibly exciting to see the produce actually beginning to grow and not just having a plant full of leaves!
Here's some others that we currently have growing:

Tomatoes - if these succeed they will become tomato sauce because none of us actually like eating fresh tomato!
Lemon tree - I really hope this one takes off. I miss having a lemon tree.
Kale - however, it seems that we just can't keep the bugs from enjoying these leaves - then again, I can't blame them! We have been trying to get this to work for over a year now! We have a new cover to put on it and see how we go!

Last but not least, in my kitchen I have some new Norwex cleaning cloths.
For those of you who are not familiar with Norwex products, they are a company that make products that reduce the need for chemicals in cleaning. This includes  a large range of anti-bacterial clothes that use silver particles that only need water for cleaning.
I'm all for cleaning without chemicals so I'm eager to use these more and see how they go. So far I'm really really pleased with them.


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  1. Your kitchen is full of lots of activity - my family had a bread maker that did the rounds and it was great to have a go and pass it on - if only we could do that more with lots of this sort of machinery that we get all excited about and then sits neglected

    Coconut yoghurt at woollies sounds amazing and your teas sound interesting - I agree with you on the peanut butter - I like it 100% peanuts and have looked at the these jars and not been sure enough to try them.

    Love the garden plants - we have lots of pots including a lemon and a lime tree (they a a bit sickly now but have produced some good crops) - we are trying tomatoes for the first time - requested by sylvia who loves them - and I did have kale which thrived for a while until the bugs stripped it bare. Hope your platns thrive bug free

    1. Sharing a kitchen appliance is such a great idea! :-)
      Hope your tomatoes go well :-)
      I'm jealous that you had such good kale!!!!

  2. The latest addition to my kitchen is a slow cooker. I never dreamed that I would buy one, but after reading Kathy Hester's book I couldn't resist the temptation ;)
    I've loved seeing all the new additions to your kitchen! It's always fun trying out new products.
    Your basil looks so lush! I've never had any success growing it outdoors as it gets eaten straight away by slugs, snails, etc. I've even had trouble with my indoor pots this year as they keep getting covered in black fly larvae. I don't even know where the black flies are coming from! I think I need to ditch the pots I've got and start over again :/

    1. Yay for getting a slow cooker! They such a wonderful appliance! I hope you're putting yours to good use. Kathy Hester's book has been on my wish list for a long time now!
      Oh no that's frustrating with your plants! Sure makes us appreciate the farmers when we try ourselves doesn't it!!!

  3. We have some kitchen similarities ;) I too get little use out of my yoghurt maker as non-dairy attempts haven't worked brilliantly. One day I may get rid of it too. I have that cacao peanut butter as well, and also prefer plain PB!, and I've tried a few of those teas. I haven't seen the coconut yoghurt at woolworths though, I shall have to keep an eye out!

    1. Great minds think alike ;-)
      I would love to know where to get some non-dairy starter for yogurt - no such luck yet :-/

      Let me know if you find the coconut yogurt! I must admit it was hard to find being a small tub in such a large section of the supermarket!!!!!

  4. I don't use my bread machine much anymore, either. But, I love the EasiYo yogurt maker! It makes delicious yogurt that I make a lot and have vanilla in my fridge right now. Wish I had your jars, I would like to have extra one and the one with lid that has a opening in it, I have never seen. It is a great little maker and you don't need electricity!

    1. What a shame they've already gone!! Yes I must admit the no electricity bit is great!

  5. G'day! Love the activity in your kitchen Sandy, true!
    Always thought of obtaining a yogurt maker as they seem fun, healthy and just looked at the cacao butter today...thanks for this month's kitchen view!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Celia's IMK!

  6. I like all those new foods you have bought. What is the sugar like, does it taste like raw sugar? I am using honey in replace of sugar these days except in cakes where honey would alter the taste to much. My kale did very well this year, but has sadly gone to seed. Next year I am hoping to grow a lot more, I tend to cook it with spinach and its very yum. I had a bread machine years ago but didn't use it very much. A few years ago I bought a Kitchen Aid with a dough hook and I use this a lot more to make bread and pizza bases - it makes it so much easier to make bread but I feel like I have some involvement in the process. Love these kitchen updates.

    1. I have heard lots of great reports about the Kitchen Aid! I hope you get a lot of use from it. I would love to eventually get one!
      Yes the coconut sugar is very similar to taste as raw sugar - at least so far in all the recipes I've tried it in. Haven't actually had it in anything that I could particularly taste it by itself though as I don't use sugar in tea/coffee!

  7. Look at your gorgeous potted garden! I'm sorry you don't have much luck with the dairy free yoghurt - we love out Easiyo, but we also got rid of our breadmaker long ago. Good to know the coconut yoghurt is a nice option! And rapadura sugar - I can't keep it in the house, because I try to eat it with a spoon! :)

    1. Haha well its got to be better than eating other sugars at least ;-)

  8. Holy Mole-E girl! I'm doing a split screen so I can comment on multiple things thru out your post! Very VERY wonderful blog entry! I haven't seen that Cacao Spread! I'll have to keep an eye out! I'm so happy McDougall's came out with more items I have enjoyed everything I have tried of his so far! That Lotus Brand Sugar looks interesting, too! I haven't seen that around my region yet tho! Coconut Yogurt!? Whaaaaaa? Very intriguing! OMG! Cranberry Blueberry Crunch sounds awesome, too! Vegan Christmas Pudding!? WOW! I sooooooo want to go shopping with you!

    I've tried teas from each of those companies they have some goodies! I haven't tried those flavors, however. Speaking of which if you love tea you should check out one of the other blogs I co-founded SororiteaSisters.com

    Your herbs and plants look great! Best of luck! I tend to not do too well with them! HAHA

    I'll have to check out that blog you mentioned at the end of your post, too!

    1. Yes it sure was a big edition!!!!!
      I'm quite happy with the McDougall range - I will definitely be stocking up each time they are on special!
      hehehehee I wish we were just round the corner so I could point out all the bits I find in the grocery store!!! The crunch bits are so so awesome!
      Thanks for the link to the tea - I will go check it out now. :-)