Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In My Kitchen June

Welcome to In My Kitchen for June.
This was a super easy month for me to find items to take pictures of because I got lots of birthday goodies at the end of last month that made it into my kitchen! 

We welcomed a new napkin holder into our home at the end of May. I love how slim this one is. It doesn't take up too much room on our tiny little dinner table, and it holds napkins quite neatly.

I was hugely excited when I was given this ultra cute kitty mug for my birthday from one of my friends! I love kitty's - especially grey kitty's. It is now officially my favourite coffee mug. Its the perfect size for a coffee too :-)

My husband got me this veggie chop for my birthday! I spend hours chopping vegetables each week so this came with great relief for me! It took me a bit of time and experimenting to work out how to use it but now, already it gets a great work out.

This rocket blender was given to me on Mother's Day. Prior to our blender breaking.....
Its such a practical size for making 'yogurts' or sauces/dressings. And the cups that are used to blend also come with lids so the item can be stored in the fridge. Not to mention that all the bits are dishwasher safe :-)

Our oven trays were black.... So now we have nice new pink ones. Thanks to a clearance at Woolworths! I swear cookies taste so much better being baked on pink trays ;-)

Yay for aprons! I was only thinking for my last post that I don't have any aprons! A pink one from my hubby to match the pink trays! The purple one came all the way from America! I'm tickled 'pink' to think that my friend would know how much I enjoy cooking & send me an apron! Its so very very beautiful - I wonder if I could wear it as a dress instead ;-)

I mentioned in a previous month that we had got a new rice cooker. So this month I'm showing you just how well it worked! I'm soooooooooo happy with it. It doesn't bubble over (like my previous one did) and it cooks rice so perfect. It cooks other grains too which I find really handy. I loved the way it cooks brown rice. Not gluggy or mushy and not still hard, but just perfectly done! :-)
Perfectly cooked brown rice

And last but not least - we got this blender to replace our verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry old one! I'm yet to use it. We were deciding if we needed a full size blender not with the rocket blender - however last weekend I missed green smoothies too much to live without a blender!

What's new in your kitchen this month?
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  1. what a lot of new hardware - you must be having so much fun blending and chopping - I have stuck to my hand held blender due to limited space but I think there are a few things I'd love to make in a blender. And I saw the pink cookware at woollies and was tempted - it looks so bright and cheerful

    1. oh yes life is so much easier when i don't spend so much time chopping lol! I hope you can find some space for a blender one day so you can try the things that you'd like to :-)

  2. Your new rocket blender looks great, and ditto the chopping! I love the pink trays too, I think I might "need" some myself ;)

  3. G'day! Happy post birthday, TRUE!
    Love the pink trays and thank you for inviting me and us all into your kitchen too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  4. You've got so much treasure in your kitchen this month, Sandy! The rocket blender with all its dishwashable bits is very interesting, and I LOVE the pink baking trays! I've never seen anything like them! :) Great aprons too - almost to pretty to get dirty in the kitchen! :)

  5. Lots of goodies in your kitchen, Sandy. Does that chopper set work well?

    1. Yeah I'm really happy with the chopper - just need to slice things first but it definitely halves my chopping time :-)

  6. Wow Alot of presents!! And wonderful ones! Enjoy them!!!!!!!!!!!!